Tofig Abbasguliyev

Tofig Asgar oglu Abbasguliyev (AzerbaijaniTofiq Əsgər oğlu Abasquliyev; 1927 – 2011) was a lexicographer, scholar of linguistics, and director of the Khazar University Dictionary and Encyclopedia Center.

Tofig Abbasguliyev was born in FüzuliAzerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, in 1927. He earned an honors diploma in history at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.[1] Then he worked as a high school teacher and director. He later earned an honors diploma from the English-Azerbaijani department at the Azerbaijan University of Languages. He worked at the Institute of Eastern Studies and for the English language department within the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. He also headed the English department at Khazar University.

After 1992, Tofig Abbasguliyev devoted his time mostly to Khazar University; he worked as a professor and as the director of the Dictionary and Encyclopedia Center.

Tofig Abbasguliyev’s fields of scholarship include English grammarterminologytranslationphraseology and lexicology.

One well-known book that he authored is English Proverbs with their Azerbaijan and Russian Equivalents, published by Elm Publishing House in Baku in 1981.[2] The book gives 1012 English proverbs with their interpretations and equivalents in Azerbaijani and Russian.

Tofig Abbasguliyev also co-authored a single-volume “Azerbaijani-English Dictionary” (edited by O. Musayev).[citation needed]

He compiled and co-edited the Khazar English-Azerbaijani Comprehensive Dictionary in six volumes as part of his work with the Dictionary and Encyclopedia Center.

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