22 May 2006 Anniversary of South Azerbaijani uprisings

In May 2006, a discriminatory cartoon was published in “Iran”, Iran`s best selling magazine analogizing Turks to beetles feeding from the Fars’s toilet. It followed to ask how to prevent the increase in the beetles population. And answered that they were mostly not able to talk in their own language, it suggest that, the Fars, should not even spare the time to defecate on the beetles.  This clear political and media bullying to promote cultural assimilation is strong in Iran, however, causes great offence to the nationalities.

Thus, on the 22 May, hundreds of thousands of Southern Azerbaijanis demonstrate in Tabriz and other major cities, and even some of the smaller towns of Southern Azerbaijan. During the uprising hundreds of protesters were killed and injured,  and thousand more imprisoned. However, it became a turning point in the Southern Azerbaijan national awaking movement’s resistance against the religious theocracy which dominates in Iran. Since then, every year on “the national uprising day” Southern Azerbaijan people do demonstrations and have ceremonies in memory of those killed in 2006.

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